Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The video of the mobility in Sicily

Our student of 1st batxillerat, Ismael Aawil, has created a fantastic video of the mobility in Sicily. Enjoy!

Students: Cristina Rodríguez, Awa Coulibaly, Paula Martínez, Ismael Aawil

Teachers: Nati Castillo and Carme García.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Meeting with the Erasmus students: distributions of tasks

We met at break time to decide who was going to do what. See the full page here.

Now everyone's happy because the tasks have been equally distributed. Team work!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tasks to be done in Finland

Activity No. C4: Finland, February 2018
An investigation into how to motivate students in the EFL classroom. Emphasis will be placed on ICT
Outcomes of the meeting
Workshop:  Presentation of the results of the interviews on the teaching/ strategies which students perceive as increasing their motivation in the EFL classroom  -  follow up discussion
Presentation / video of the presentations uploaded onto the webpage 
Posters on teaching strategies which increase student motivation in the Science / Maths classroom (prepared between meetings) are displayed for dissemination.
Photographs of the posters will be uploaded onto the webpage and produced to go into Science / Maths classrooms.
Workshop for teachers and students: How ICT can be integrated into EFL teaching. Brain storming of ideas by both students and teachers.
Results (list of ideas produced) will be upload in the webpage by the Finnish hosts. (Key outcome of the project)
Focus group discussion for students: how students feel about ICT in EFL learning and how they would like to see it used in the classroom / for autonomous learning. The students prepare a wish list (in groups).
The wish lists - directed to EFL teachers – are combined to produce one more complete list which is uploaded onto the webpage
Trip to local schools – questionnaires will be administered to an EFL class in each
Additional data related to the teaching strategies, classroom motivation and classroom  anxiety from  other local schools (this will (1) increase our sample size (2) increase reliability of results as our data will be more representative (3) generate the inclusion of further schools within the community therefore widening the impact of our project).
Workshop: results from the data collected on the use of teaching strategies and motivation in the EFL classroom
Upload the results on the use of teaching strategies and motivation in the EFL classroom onto web page
Brief workshop:  The newly collected data, on EFL motivation, will be compared with that of the partner school collected in November, 2016.
Similarities and contrasts will be made in textual form (a paragraph or two) and uploaded to the central web page.
(Key outcome for the whole project) 
Local excursion
Create a “Tree of learning”-  Theme Motivation in EFL
Tree of learning is permanently displayed in the Finnish school
Sports morning or afternoon – team sports which encourage collaboration
Video of the event – to be uploaded onto the webpage
Workshop: evaluation of the results of the meeting and suggestions for the next meeting
Minutes of the meeting to be uploaded onto the webpage (project diary section)
In their mixed groups, students prepare 2 minute films demonstrating how student motivation can be improved using teaching strategies (‘role play’) from each school – these will be presented on the final day.
Upload the video onto youtube, the schools’ Erasmus webpage and the project webpage.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Information meeting on anxiety and motivation in the English and Science classes

We had a meeting with the Heads of Department of our school, together with members of the Directive board to tell them about the combined result of the surveys (500) and interviews (150)  that all the partner countries had carried out in their schools. The results were very similar and teachers at INS Marina showed an interest in the outcome.

After the mobility in Sicily

Following the mobility to Italy, October 2017- April 2018
Activities  by the students / teachers
Outcomes conducted by the students/ teachers
Poster: students design a poster showing teaching strategies which increase motivation in the Science classroom
The best poster from each school, is brought to the next meeting to be entered into a central competition.
Post-meeting videos of the visit to be made and posted on the webpage
Webpage videos
Organize a lesson on Cornell’s method or “ 6R” (how to take notes)
Webpage slides on “ 6R”
Teachers explain to students the “Flipped classroom” learning process and assess if it increases their motivation in the Science and EFL classrooms.
Webpage video
“Lella Arcadia competition”
Photos in the “Erasmus Corner”
School based presentations of results – in local schools.
(Dissemination of results)
Our Finnish partners organize and plan all activities related to Activity C4
Webinar organized by our Finnish partners on their plans and expectations for C2
Each partner school prepares a presentation of the results of the interviews on the teaching strategies / behaviours which students perceive as increasing their motivation in the EFL classroom  
The Cypriot partners continue working on the intellectual output  O2 based on the data collected by all students
Dissemination by all schools of the results of activity C3 as described in the section on dissemination.
Each partner school must document on the webpage how they have done this
Each school informs the project webpages (school, main etc) on how they have disseminated the results and to whom.
Students are split into mixed groups and given a   subtheme/branch for the  “Tree of learning” that will be constructed  during C4. They then work through on line cooperation in order to share and develop ideas.
The groups bring their collective ideas to C4 where they will work together in creating the Tree of learning.

Motivation in the Science and maths class

By Ismael and Laia